“tarif old” displayed on hale microtax-06 taxi meter

If your taxi meter displays “tariff old” it has a new tariff waiting to be activated. Press the bottom left and top right red buttons (buttons 2 and 3) at the same time. The meter will show “busy” and then “dnr” on the bottom row. Press the buttons one more, It will then show “For Hire”. The new tariff has been activated!

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  1. Robert Mc quillan


    I’m looking to reset and find out how I can clear and get end of shift earnings on Hale micro tax _06 many thanks.

    • tay_comms_wordpress


      The MCT-06 has 2 sets of memories, referred to as “Totalizers” in the Driver and Owner manuals. The first set is cleared when you end a shift. The second set is a long term memory and can only be cleared by a HALE agent.
      When the meter is “For Hire”, pressing button 2 will take you to the shift memory. You can scroll back and forward to see totals using buttons 3 and 4. Ending the shift is done by holding buttons 2 and 3 together until the meter displays “.fnr”. Holding buttons 2 and 3 starts a new shift.
      Hope that helps!

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