Mandown – what’s it all about?

Politically correct it may not be, but it could save a life! Available in some radios, a gyroscope built on a microchip detects when a portable radio moves a certain angle from the vertical position…Literally detecting when somebody has fallen over, become incapacitated, or fallen unconscious. If a timed audible warning passes without the position changing, an alarm call

£150 fine and 6 points?

Using a hand held phone while driving has been illegal since 2003 but we still see people doing it. Consultation is now taking place with a view to increasing the penalties for offenders – £ 150 fine plus 4 points for car drivers and 6 points while driving an HGV. If you don’t have a working handsfree

Lone Worker – what’s it all about?

A seemingly simple idea, a countdown timer that resets every time somebody does something with their radio, normally making or answering a call. When the timer reaches zero the radio will prompt the user. If they don’t react an alarm call is sent, possibly with the location, to summon assistance.