double tariff memories – HALE taxi meters

HALE taxi meters feature two memory spaces for tariff information. This means that we can program meters for an upcoming tariff change before the event – the meter continues on the current tariffs, updating to the new tariffs when they becomes valid. No more queues around tariff changes!

XPAND – What’s it all about?

XPAND is a Motorola Solutions trademark for a feature found in it’s Professional Series of analogue radios. It’s purpose is to improve the perceived quality of received audio by gently amplifying quieter voices and gently reducing the level of louder voices. These techniques are known as expansion and compression, or companding, and have been widely

Mandown – what’s it all about?

Politically correct it may not be, but it could save a life! Available in some radios, a gyroscope built on a microchip detects when a portable radio moves a certain angle from the vertical position…Literally detecting when somebody has fallen over, become incapacitated, or fallen unconscious. If a timed audible warning passes without the position changing, an alarm call

£150 fine and 6 points?

Using a hand held phone while driving has been illegal since 2003 but we still see people doing it. Consultation is now taking place with a view to increasing the penalties for offenders – £ 150 fine plus 4 points for car drivers and 6 points while driving an HGV. If you don’t have a working handsfree

Lone Worker – what’s it all about?

A seemingly simple idea, a countdown timer that resets every time somebody does something with their radio, normally making or answering a call. When the timer reaches zero the radio will prompt the user. If they don’t react an alarm call is sent, possibly with the location, to summon assistance.