New 2018 Dundee Taxi Tariff

Taxi owners with HALE MCT-05, MCT-06, SPT-01 and SPT-02 Mirrormeters can have the new Dundee 2018 Tariff installed in their meters any time now. Thanks to the dual memory facility the meter will only switch to the new tariff at 00:00 on the 1st of June.

double tariff memories – HALE taxi meters

HALE taxi meters feature two memory spaces for tariff information. This means that we can program meters for an upcoming tariff change before the event – the meter continues on the current tariffs, updating to the new tariffs when they becomes valid. No more queues around tariff changes!

XPAND – What’s it all about?

XPAND is a Motorola Solutions trademark for a feature found in it’s Professional Series of analogue radios. It’s purpose is to improve the perceived quality of received audio by gently amplifying quieter voices and gently reducing the level of louder voices. These techniques are known as expansion and compression, or companding, and have been widely